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Nothing makes life easier while hunting than having all your equipment right at hand. And nothing makes it easier to transport your gear than a UTV. Here at ***removed*** we have a large selection of UTV accessories including fender flairs, bumpers and batteries. Nearly any accessory for your next adventure can be ordered right here. Simply clicking the UTV tab at the top of the page will instantly take you to our huge selection of parts.

There are a couple must have items if you plan on hunting, or working off your UTV. One requirement is protection. A modern UTV is tough, however if you want to help ensure you get it back to the trailer or camp without any surprises you need a few things. First thing any offroad UTV needs is aftermarket guards. Usually these are made of aluminum and bolt right on using factory mounting locations. Broke up into a couple categories, front, rear and sides.  First on the list would be a good quality front skid plate. The front skid plate ensures that any large hard objects go under the UTV and not hang on the front of the frame. These skid plates also protect things like the radiator, differentials and winch in some cases.

Center, or middle guards are usually a long plate that covers the entire bottom of the UTV making a smooth surface for rocks and logs to slide without catching on frame rails.

 A arm guards protect the lowest point of most UTV’s. The arms connect the wheels to the vehicle and are usually lower than the frame. These parts are prone to damage from nearly anything. Adding a good set of guards can help to keep them from being bent or broken.

One of my favorite products is the Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grips. The heavy duty design is great for hauling guns, bows, fishing poles or nearly any other tool you need. The quick release button allows you to easily access your gear. Using the Rhino Grips is as simple as placing your rifle or tools inside the locking jaws then closing them. The soft rubber grips hold items tightly. The locking jaws can be quickly released by simply pressing the button on the side. After many years with the same set of Rhino Grips I have yet to break them, and my load has never came free.

Kolpin Rhino Grips come in many configurations including quick release and suction cup mount. Many of the Rhino Grips are not ratcheting and feature rubber “teeth” to grip the item being transported. You can view our full selection of Kolpin Rhino mounts by visiting the Kolpin Rhino Grip page.

Aftermarket lights are a must if you plan on using your UTV after dark. The factory lights on many of these vehicles are weak at best. A perfect upgrade to any UTV is a set of high quality LED lights. LED lights offer much less energy usage and are lighter than conventional lighting. One of the best budget options are the Rigid Industries SR-M2 Flood Lights. These intense lights cast either a white or optional amber light in a flood pattern making it best suited for offroad applications. These lights draw so little power that upgrading your electrical system is not necessary in most cases.

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