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Thanks for being a member of IBAR. We want to help you find riding buddies and make connections at home and around the world. We have set this page up to help you navigate to all of the different groups and resources IBAR has to offer.

We don't have an official IBAR webpage yet so for now IBAR info will be here on Horizon ADV.  

Please join us on the Facebook or Google+ groups.

Global Groups

Regional Groups



**If you are interested in starting a regional IBAR group please contact an admin in one of the global groups.

Other IBAR Resources

  • IBAR Store - Show your support for IBAR and help other members find you out on the street and trails. Its always cool to bump into a fellow IBAR member out on the wild.

  • IBAR Rider Map - Many riders have opted into map registration. Its as simple as commenting your location on the pinned post of our Global Facebook group.

  • IBAR MotoTrader - This is the place to list your moto stuff for sale.

  • IBAR Info Page - Here you can find out about rallies, events, contests, and current events.