Merry Mama's Day Part 2

I hope ya'll had a good time and I hope you were pleasantly surprised! 

Now watch the second video for instructions to conclude your day.

Merry Mama's Day!

By this point I am sure Janinna is on overload wanting to tell you Shannon! This has all been an elaborate scheme to help the two of you have a good Mama's Day! 

After breakfast you need to get on the road by 8:30 or so. You need to be at the building below around 8:45. 


This is the building you are looking for.

This is the building you are looking for.

Shannon, if you open this page with your iPhone you can click the address below and Navigon will open up. After it is open just click the "calculator" icon and it will route you there. 

501 Old Boiling Springs Rd. Greer, SC   29650