My Favorite Ear Protection

Once I started using ear plugs, I never stopped. Every time I ride, I protect my ears and as a result my ride is safer and more enjoyable. I have experimented with many different ear plugs and I have settled on a few favorites I want to tell you about.

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ATGATT Saved My Bacon

For my readers that ride you know what ATGATT stands for, but for my readers that have not yet discovered the staggering awesomeness of motorcycling, I will explain. ATGATT is an acronym that stands for “All The Gear All The Time”. I am not sure of the origins of this acronym, but if I had to take a guess I would say the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) came up with it. They use it as a mantra during class to encourage riders to always wear proper protective gear while riding.

The whole subject of ATGATT can get touchy with some people. Personally, I am a believer, and always practice ATGATT. However, I am also a big believer in personal freedom and will always support the right to make your own choice.

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